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520 Dory

It is a wide hull 2.09M, Fully welded, foamed bech seat.
Lenth: 5.26M
Topside Thick: 2.00MM
Bottomside Thick: 3.00MM
Transom shaft: L/S
Weight (Boat only): 286Kg
Color: Gray
Made in Australia

Price: 2150 KWD

NAVIGATOR 100 Sit-On Fishing Kayak

Two large clamshell hatches, rear storage well with mesh netting and sealed ditty trays giving you plenty of room for your gear.
Two flush mount fishing rod holders
Adjustable foot brace system
Four cushioned carrying handles
Length: 10' / 305cm
Width: 77cm
Weight: 25Kg
Capacity: 147Kg
Color: Sorm (Yellow with gray white)
Made in USA

Price: 322 KWD

NAVIGATOR 120 Sit-On Fishing Kayak

Two flush mount rod holders, three easy access storage hatches, rear storage well with mesh netting.
Adjustable foot brace system
Length: 12.3' / 373cm
Width: 76cm
Weight: 30Kg
Capacity: 159Kg
Color: Sorm (Yellow, gray white)
Made in USA

Price: 375 KWD

Journey 10 SS Sit-On Top Fishing Kayak

Large, Comfortable seating area with adjustaable padded seat
Open cockpit allows the easiest of entry
Storage compartment
Length: 10' / 305cm
Width: 76cm
Weight: 20Kg
Capacity: 113Kg
Color: Sand
Made in USA

Price: 185 KWD

Journey 12 SS Sit Top Fishing Kayak

Lightweight, easy to carry.
Large, comfortable seating area with protective thigh pads
Adjustable foot brace system
Storage and shock cord deck rigging
Length: 12' / 366cm
Width: 75cm
Weight: 22Kg
Capacity: 179Kg
Color: Olive Green
Made in USA

Price: 247 KWD

Seaquest 10 Stand Up Paddledboard (SUP)

Lightweight, easy to carry

Non-slip foot pads
Stoarage compartment with shock cord deck rigging
Recessed cooler area with strap
Length: 10' / 305cm
Width: 84cm
Weight: 23Kg
Capacity: 104Kg
Color: Red
Made in USA

Price: 199 KWD

The Zego

The Zego is a twin-hulled Platform made of roto-moulded polyethylene plastic. The hulls are foam filled, which means that the craft is virtually unsinkable.

Length: 3M
Color: White
Made in New zealand

Price: 2000 KWD

Solo Skiff

Length: 14'5"
Width: 41"
Weight: 68Kg
Capacity: 181Kg
Solo Skiff is a one piece seamlessly molded powered fishing Kayak. Propelled by outboard, electric, or manual power.
Color: Seafoam, Gray
Made in USA

Price: 650 KWD